Often we label people base on our assumption and stereotypes society has put on certain age group. We always say age is just a number, but when will we stop perceiving people through a set of lens? Essentially, we need to put a stop to labels. All characters in the video begins with a label that shows what their age is; but towards the end of the video the label is removed, symbolizing the no necessity of labels. The aim of this project is to educate the public about ageism and acknowledge the effects it has on our society. More importantly, target young viewers who have the potential to prevent ageism in the future. In order to reach a wide range of demographic group, a simple and cartoonish style is used to differentiate itself from other PSA's, thus sparking people's curiosity on the video. Traditionally, PSA are aired on televisions. However, people nowadays received their information through social media. Therefore, the strategy is to have influencers to promote this message through social media platforms to their well established audience base.

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